Our Mission                                            


Serving BirthMoms as they realize their value in the Three Strand cord.

Our Vision:

No BirthMom leaves the hospital without a community of support that will honor her choice, help her heal and equip her with resources that will launch her forward with great promise for the future.

A BirthMom is a brave, unsung hero who has made the courageous, selfless choice of choosing life for her child and making an adoption plan to give that child the best possible life at that point on her journey.  Three Strands is making a difference by focusing solely on serving BirthMoms in the critical post-placement state.    

In November 2013, Three Strands joined with Gwinnett Medical Center's (GMC) Women's Pavilion in Lawrenceville, GA to honor BirthMoms.  Today we serve BirthMoms throughout the country as we continue to expand into other states.

Once the BirthMom arrives at the hospital and delivers her baby,  a Three Strands Bag valued at over $250 is delivered directly to her prior to her departure from the hospital.  Thus, filling her arms and hoping to lift her spirits as she grieves the greatest loss of her life.  The bag contains a variety of items and each item was chosen by a BirthMom.  Three Strands also has a growing, encouraging private Facebook community for BirthMoms, Adult Adoptees and Adoptive Moms.  Three Strands hosts local quarterly gatherings to encourage and cultivate community, which are of no cost to BirthMoms.  Three Strands meets a BirthMom at the hospital, delivers the Bag, locks arms and walks with her on her new journey towards healing.

Three Strands exists to love, serve, and lock arms with a BirthMom, through a community of BirthMoms, Adoptive Moms, and older Adopted Children.
We begin with the delivery of Three Strands Bags to the hospital!

Strategic Plan


Three Strands BAGS

    »    Assembly and delivery



    » Quarterly BirthMom gatherings

    » Experiences for BirthMoms to be served

    » Continue building local community of BirthMoms


National Launch

    » The demand is before us to launch Three Strands chapters in states all across the country


Providing Transitional Housing for BirthMoms

    » Purchase/rent of a home

    » Furnish the home

    » Personnel needed to run the home



Three Strands, Inc. is registered with the IRS as a 501(C)(3) corporation.