The first phase of Three Strands is to personally deliver a beautiful Three Strands Bag to BirthMoms in the hospital, filled with items chosen BY BirthMoms, to help assist her on her journey of grief and loss.  Included in the bag will be a flyer which directs her to a private community of BirthMoms, Adult Adoptees and Adoptive Moms to lock arms and support her to answer questions, concerns and encourage her along her journey!

Three Strands Large Zip Tote

A BirthMom leaves a hospital with empty arms. We want to change that and provide a big, beautiful canvas bag to hold all of the amazing items chosen for her. Two BirthMoms filled my arms with two beautiful boys. I will spend each day honoring her in some way. This bag will represent the beginning of her journey as we help her realize her value in the Three Strand cord!

Stacy Coleman, Adoptive Mom

Three Strands Sweatshirt

When everything else in a Birthmother’s life is falling apart, she can have the comfort of a big, cuddly sweatshirt to rest in.  This simple article of clothing will catch many tears, will be comfortable for her healing body and keep her warm during those lonely nights when she can’t tell which one is worse— the physical or emotional pain.

Janelle, BirthMom

Frame with Paper for Footprints

A baby’s footprints are something that every parent leaves the hospital with. A lot of times a BirthMom will not be the one who gets to bring the footprints home, now she will! In the Three Strands Bag is a beautiful picture frame with the matte that the footprints are stamped on, with the saying, “The first steps a baby takes are into your heart”. A BirthMom will now have her baby’s footprints close to her heart forever.

Jennie Hundley, BirthMom

Disposable Camera & Gift-card for Developing Film

One of my most prized possessions are the hospital pictures that I took nearly 20 years ago while in the hospital with my daughter.  I was able to take pictures of the things I cherished the most… her tiny hands, her wrinkled feet and most important— a picture of me kissing her forehead.  Those pictures were viewed through tear filled eyes as I worked through the grieving process, were shared with my extended family and sent to the adoptive parents to enjoy. Now (20 years down the road) I still have my pictures in a yellow photo album and share them with my 10-year-old daughter.  It gives me an opportunity to talk about the brave decision I made for her big sister.  I am so thankful I have those moments saved so they can continue to help us all heal from my adoption decision.

Janelle, BirthMom

Dear Mushka Necklace,

A beautiful necklace, created by Dear Mushka, with the word “Hope”.

For I know the plans I have for you, "declares the Lord," plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future   ~ Jeremiah 29:11


Three Strands Toiletry Bag

An item such as toiletry bag can lift a BirthMom’s spirit!  I watched a BirthMom receive the first toiletry bag from Three Strands as she smiled from ear to ear. This bag is durable and lightweight for all your cosmetics and toiletries.  As a BirthMom, leaving the hospital with nothing, this amazing bag reminded me that someone out there does believe in me and more importantly, they showed me!

Sierra, BirthMom

Mary Kay Shower Kit

These Mary Kay items are just a little something for you to enjoy. As you deal with postpartum feelings and emotions after placement, take time to pamper yourself. Let this be a reminder that you are worthy and loved! 


Fuzzy Socks

It’s amazing how something as trivial as fuzzy socks can mean so much to a Birth Mom! I remember having a pair when I was in the hospital, and they were so warm and cozy. All I wanted to do was be comfortable during such an emotional time. These socks will definitely bring some comfort to a Birth Mom!

Jennie Hundley, BirthMom


As the proud Auntie to two amazing boys who were adopted, I have a giant love for BirthMoms.  Just like the melting and pouring of this soy wax, in life, we all go through transformation. As you enjoy the light from the flame and the fragrant smell, let it be a reminder that you are undergoing a beautiful transformation of your very own. Embrace it!

Aerah, "Auntie" 

John Maxwell Book, “The Choice Is Yours”

Everyday we make choices that have positive or negative consequences for our lives.  This book will give positive steps that will encourage and help a birth mom after she leaves the hospital.  As the mother of a birth mom, who is now serving other birth mom’s through Three Strands, I have seen first hand how positive choices can and have changed a life.

Linda, Mother of a BirthMom


"Revealing You: A Journal for Birth Mothers" by Michelle Thorne


Three Strands, Inc. is registered with the IRS as a 501(C)(3) corporation.